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Fluid dynamics simulation plug-in for After Effects® software

This plug-in simulates fluid dynamics.You'll be able to create smoke, paint, transitions and other wonderful effects easily. Its name and samples speak for themselves.
(Supports multiple emitters and fields. 16 bit per color.)

An automatic shot boundary detection plug-in for After Effects® software


You often work with pre-edited videos? You spend hours finding where this shot ends and that shot starts? Then this tool is for you!
     Autocut utilizes sophisticated algorithm to analyze video and find shots boundaries. After that it splits video layer according to them. Before buy it you should try a trial version to understand if it fits your needs.

- Splitting video layer according to shots boundaries.
- Naming new layers according to their timecode.
- Marking layers with different color indicating that before these layers doubtful cuts were found. You should check them to see if they are right.

- When Autocut analyzes video layer it renders composition. So composition has to contain no layers overlapping that video layer. For best performance composition must contain just one layer.
- Dissolves and smooth transitions are not counted as cuts.
- Precision may reduce when working with strong compressed video with dropped frames and other artifacts.

- Import pre-edited video. Make composition with it. Select that layer and click [Layer->Electrocolor - Autocut...].
- You can reduce resolution by down sampling your composition window to speed up process. Choose [Half] or [Third] for example.

New set of displacement tools for After Effects® software

Includes: Path Displacer, Super Displacer, Pixel Flow. All support 16 bit mode.
- Path Displacer displaces image along path according to another layer representing time. Sample>>
- Super Displacer unlike the ordinary "Displacement Map" which displaces along one direction, displaces image in all direction simulating water, haze and more. Check antialiasing option to produce more quality results. Sample>>
- Pixel Flow runs pixels along path.A minute playing with parameters and you can achieve startling video effects and transitions. Sample>>


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