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Fluid dynamics simulation plug-in for After Effects® software

Supports multiple emitters and fields. 16 bit per color.

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An automatic shot boundary detection plug-in for After Effects® software


Video cut detection.
Split your pre-edited video into shots with just one click!

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New set of displacement tools for After Effects® software

Includes: Path Displacer, Super Displacer, Pixel Flow. All support 16 bit mode.
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 Latest news:

May 22, 2011. Fluid Dynamics and Mr. Displacy for CS5.
August 11, 2008.
Fluid Dynamics 2.0 is now avaliable.
December 7, 2007.
Mac Intel UB versions of Fluid Dynamics and Mr. Displacy are now available. CS3 compatible.
March 24, 2007.
MacOS versions of Fluid Dynamics and Mr. Displacy are now available.
February 15, 2007.
Macintosh versions of all plug-ins will be available soon.
August 5, 2006.
Fluid dynamics 1.0 release. Plug-in for simulation fluid dynamics.
Jule 10, 2006. Fluid dynamics plug-in announced.
March 18, 2006.
Autocut 1.0 released. A tool for a video shot boundary (a cut) automatic detection.
 February 02, 2006.
Pixel Flow effect added to Displacement Tools. 16 bit suport.
 December 3, 2005.
Path Displacer and Super Displacer effects updated to 16 bit.
 September 17, 2005. Animated path support were added for Path Displacer.
 August, 28, 2005. Antialiasing option added to Super Displacer.
 June 11, 2005. Path Displacer added to Displacement Tools.
 May 20, 2005. Displacement Tools 1.0 plug-in released for Adobe After Effects 6.5.

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